Fused Glass

We offer Fused Glass classes and workshops. Check the Studio Calendar page for current offerings!
You may also walk-in during Open Studio hours to work independently on Fused Glass projects
if you have taken one of our  classes in the past.
We also “slump” bottles in our Fused Glass kiln firings. You must clean all labels and glue before you bring the bottles
in for slumping. The fee is $8 per bottle to flat fuse or $12 per bottle to fuse in a mold. Multiple bottle discount applies.
Piano project $40; Potted Plants project $40; Peacock project $50
Stained Glass and Fused Glass
Fused Glass Workshop
Max. 8 participants, pre-registration required.
Participants are introduced to the essentials to creating fused glass. Learn about glass compatibility (full, tack and contour), firing schedules, cutting glass and for creating projects. Class prices vary by workshop or single project.
Beginner class $100 ( 3 hours)